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Notice of personal data processingi

Through its activities, the Association “Business in Heels” collects, stores, renews, submits to authorized state bodies and institutions, and performs other data processing that is necessary for the efficient performance of activities and the exercise of the rights of individuals.

Access to the collected personal data of a natural person is granted to persons authorized by the President of the Association – Processors, in accordance with the obligations to perform current activities, which includes the processing of personal data.

When processing personal data, the Association is obliged to act in accordance with the Rulebook on Personal Data Protection and the Law on Personal Data Protection.

The natural person is obliged to inform the handler of data – the Association about any change in the data important for exercising their rights.

The natural person may request from the handler, the access, correction or deletion of their personal data, restriction of data processing and portability. The natural person may file a complaint with the handler against their personal data processing if they considers that there has been a violation of the legal provisions on personal data processing.

The natural person has the right to revoke the consent for further data collection and processing through a written request, as well as to file a complaint to the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection if they are not satisfied with the Association’s response and considers that there is a certain irregularity in data processing.

The statement of consent is valid until revoked.

 As a user of this website I confirm:

–           that I am familiar with the manner of collecting personal data and giving consent for the processing of personal data (name and surname, phone number, e-mail).

–           to leave any data voluntarily by filling in the form, which at the same time gives consent to the use of personal data.

–           that I agree that the Association “Business in Heels” processes my personal data in accordance with the Notice on the processing of personal data.

–           That I agree that the Association “Business in Heels” may take my personal data out of the Republic of Serbia if it is necessary for the implementation of continuous cooperation, promotion, as well as legal work related to it.

–           That I agree that the Association “Business in Heels” informs me about the upcoming offers, services, competitions, projects, sweepstakes, important information, news about the Association.

–           That I am informed by the Association “Business in Heels” about all the provisions of Article 15 of the Law on Personal Data Protection, and in agreement with the above provisions, I confirm the processing of my personal data with my signature at the bottom of this Statement of Consent.

The Association “Business in Heels” guarantees to natural persons whose data it collects, all rights provided by the Law on Personal Data Protection (“Official Gazette of RS” No. 87/2018).


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