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An increasing number of women in Serbia are starting their own business and successfully competing on the market

For most women, the elusive balance between career and private life, as well as securing more time for themselves and their families, are key factors in deciding whether to start their own business or not. Many women choose to launch their own businesses to bring down barriers and gain access to leadership positions. In many countries, women need support to achieve their business goals.
In Serbia, one of the ways for a woman entrepreneur to receive support, additional education, as well as exchange experiences with successful businesswomen is to become a member of the “Business in heels” club.

The Club rose as an informal group from the association “Promotion of Healthy Life”, which, in addition to advocating for healthy lifestyles, is also actively involved in promotion of women’s entrepreneurship. In August 2020, this Association officially changed its name to “Business in Heels”.

Since 2017, in mid-June every year, we have organized the International Professional Conference “Business in Heels”, as culmination of all the activities of the Association and to motivate our women entrepreneurs to persevere in their endeavors.

The Club gives support to women who want to enter the world of entrepreneurship, to start their own business as easily and safely as possible, and later successfully survive in it.

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