“The challenges of the arrival of a new family member” lecture

On November 4, 2017, the "Promotion of Healthy Life" association is organizing a lecture on "Challenges of the arrival of a new family member" at the President Hotel in Novi Sad.

Birth of a child brings a big change in the family.
The new member introduces a new dynamic of life in the whole family.
The change affects the mother’s life the most, followed by a series of new emotions and obligations.
With the lecture, we want to help new mothers to get the best information and prepare for the most demanding and beautiful role in life.

The topics of the lecture are:

1. Preparation for pregnancy: – recommended examinations – hygienic-dietary regime
2. Physiology of pregnancy: course and physiological changes of a woman in pregnancy – nutrition in pregnancy – physical activity in pregnancy – work and pregnancy – travel in pregnancy – use of drugs in pregnancy
3. Significance and need of dental examination before and during pregnancy – use of fluoride preparations in pregnancy: pros and cons
4. Dermatovenerology – skin changes during pregnancy and care – newborn skin care – basic guidelines
5. Pediatrics – recommended examinations during the newborn period – newborn – care and nutrition – natural/artificial

Lecturers: Branislava Jakovljević, MD, PhD – specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, perinatology subspecialist, Anica Radulović, MD, PhD – specialist in dematovenerology, Milena Zelenović Mijušković, PhD – pediatrician and Dr. Aleksandra Bajić – dentist.

Guest lecturer: Stefan Krstić, PhD, topic: Stem cells – a pledge for the future (lecture sponsor: BIOSAVE)

Apply via email address: info@naturavita.rs, stating your name and surname and phone number.


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