Cena karte Biznis na štiklama

BUSINESS IN HEELS 2021 tickets on sale with a special early bird discount!

Don't miss the limited offer to get a ticket for the BUSINESS IN HEELS 2021 conference at a 60% discount.
The price of the promo ticket is 1500 RSD for the period from 15.04. to 15.05.2021! In the period from 15.05. to 01.06.2021. the price of the ticket will be 2500 Serbian dinars, that is 1250 for the members of the BUSINESS IN HEELS club within the HIGH HEEL package.
Fifteen days before the start of the conference, the ticket price will be 3500 Serbian dinars, or 1750 dinars for members of the BUSINESS ON HEELS club within the HIGH HEEL package.

For members that opted for the BUSINESS HEELS package, the admission is free.

This year as well, the host of this, now traditional, event will be the charming Vojislav Nedeljković.

Of course, all activities will be organized in accordance with the measures of protection against Covid 19.


Upon registration, you will receive all the necessary payment information to the email address you entered. If you do not see our email, check the SPAM folder of your email!


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