The first Zlatofest was held!

An open-air event for children called "Zlatofest" was held on Zlatibor's King's Square from January 9 to 13, 2022.

Organized by the association “Business in Heels” and the Tourist Organization Zlatibor

An open-air event for children called “Zlatofest” was held on Zlatibor’s King’s Square from January 9 to 13, 2022. In the five days of entertaining, educational and interactive program for children, a magical ambience was created. The first “Zlatofest” took place at three locations in the King’s Square, around the lake.

The event was accompanied  by animators, Borko the bear and Zlatica the squirrel. Also, animators dressed in costumes of Olaf and Elfa, Santa’s helpers, distributed hats and badges to the children present. While Elsa, a character from the animated film “Frozen”, also attracted a lot of children’s attention.

Around the King’s Fountain, within the “Christmas Village”, fun activities were conducted for children, such as a competition in building snowmen, a treasure hunt, a precision competition in snowballing, setting up squirrel feeders and other fun activities.

After the competitive part of the program, the children had the opportunity to enjoy the play “Monkey Miša in the Land of Sweets” performed by “Željko Veseljko” studio. Competitions in dance and singing, as well as reading fables were held at the same location.

This unique event, organized by the municipality of Čajetina, the Zlatibor Tourist Organization and the “Business in Heels” association from Novi Sad, contributed to the creation of holiday magic in the heart of Zlatibor, modeled on similar events in European cities.